Welcome Aboard!

The R Train is an American Rock Band hailing from Brooklyn NY.  The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Black, drummer/vocalist Mike Annese, and bassist/harmony Denny Lee. Formed in early 2019 by members Black and Annese, the band’s name came about while traveling on the New York Subway, the R Train. They were taking the train from Bay Ridge Brooklyn to Manhattan, to master a couple of tracks at Battery Studios, also known as the legendary “Record Plant.” “The Plant” is home to some of the greatest recordings of all time - from the likes of John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Kiss, and countless others. 

“The R Train Band” dials up Father Time on their new rock single “TIMELINE!” The R Train Band jumps out immediately to set the tone of their story of time dressed in musical hooks and a performance ready style that is sure to catch on fast. “TIMELINE” grabs you quick with drummer Mike Annese’s one two punch drum roll followed by the infectious rhythm of Denny Lee’s twisting bass lines and Jeffrey Blacks soaring vocals and an Eric Clapton like slow hand guitar style. The sincere lyrics drive at the idea of life is short and too precious to waste it, all presented through an authentic contemporary power rock trio driving at the edge of a fresh new twist on Rock music.  

The R Train Band prides itself being a kick ass live band and on each track having its own unique style and feel; they are not a band where every track sounds the same, they are certainly not a cookie cutter rock band. The music is melodic at every turn, has the punch and power at every juncture and pours on the raw rock and roll spirit.  The R Train is on course for 2021 with a set of new tracks mastered at Masterdisk by the legendary rock master, Scott Hull that are sure to grab you and please your rock and roll heart!  Hold onto you seats and set course for the hills and valleys of a pure tone inspired by the classic rock era with a new modern sound.